Crypto Philately Museum

Our Museum creates collectibles in NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) format based on traditional Philately. The stamps used for this purpose are real and original and belong to our own collection from more than 100 countries. Each NFT is unique and is the digital representation of a real stamp that is part of our collection. 

History of Philately

The stamp, postage stamp or stamp is a small rectangular or square piece of paper that is pasted on the envelopes and serves as proof of prior payment for shipments made by mail.

Although at present it seems like an unimportant effort, given that we have emails, social networks and even instant messaging at a global level, the UPU (Universal Postal Union) at the time managed to standardize the international rules for the exchange of letters and packages at a time record: by the end of the 19th century all the countries of the world, except China, complied with these regulations.

 Esto convirtió al correo en el mayor servicio de intercambio de información que tuvo la humanidad durante varias décadas, hasta la llegada de Internet.

What was the world's first postage stamp?

The world's first postage stamp was Queen Victoria's Penny Black (1840), produced by a British professor named Rowland Hill who simply made a profile of the queen with the word Postage at the top and the words OnePenny (1 penny) in the lower margin and has a current market value of more than two billion dollars. 

World Postage Stamp Day: how did it originate and what is the history of the first stamp?

Starting in 1935, every January 7, World Postage Stamp Day is celebrated. It all started in Austria with the anniversary of Heinrich von Stephan (1831-1897), postmaster general of the German Empire, who in 1874 convened the first International Congress of Post Offices in Bern, Switzerland, in which 22 states created the Postal Union Universal (UPU).

Our Mission

Create the largest collection of World Philately registered in the Iota Tangle Network in NFT format, so that ancient Philately is perpetuated in time and recovers the value that all collectors have given it since its origins, but modernized to the point that future generations admire and appreciate it.

The collection

Real stamps are taken from our collection, image processed and then minted to form NFTs. Each NFT is unique and represents the stamp of the image. Each stamp will have distinctive characteristics such as the country, the year, the theme and the size among other unique characteristics.

Our wish

Obtain a community that is passionate about Philately and that enjoys collecting and learning from our NFTs.


The NFTs are giving the community that owns them a legitimate value that is part of the personal heritage.