The Museum

The idea arises from our passion for philately that is mixed with our growing interest in new technologies such as Blockchain and Iota. We believe that combining the ancient passion for philately with the collecting of the future was a wonderful idea. It is also the best way not to lose that rich history that has been captured on postage stamps for almost 200 years.

Our future

NFTs will give the community that owns them legitimate value that forms part of personal wealth. The community will be able to make decisions regarding the destination of the Museum, it will be able to propose ideas and create exhibition events of the royal seals that will be managed by the community itself. The museum belongs to the community and therefore its evolution will depend largely on the decisions taken together. In Soonaverse there will be proposals for improvements, and votes for decision-making regarding the management of the museum.
By mid-2022 we will have the initial roadmap. Then it will be molded according to the ideas of the community.


Crypto Philately Museum

Crypto Philately Museum